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Session Tips

My hope when photographing you is that the moments captured will reflect your truth. Whether it is your personality as an individual or how you interact as a couple or family. I want you to look at the images and feel that I was able to really represent you. A big part of that is being able to relax and be yourself.

I promise I hold no judgments behind the lens. I am ready and willing to cater to your requests or listen to your ideas. If you need music to help you relax, we can do that! If you need me to wear a funny hat or say a silly word, I can do that!

I want your portraits to be treasured by you forever, so make sure you communicate with me exactly the feel that you're going for, and I will do my best to create an environment where your ideas can come to life.

If you need some inspiration for wardrobe choices or posing ideas, feel free to head over to my Pinterest page.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. There is never a silly question in my book!

Creative Expression

If you have specific ideas for props that you'd like to incorporate into the photos, bring them along.

- Do you play an instrument or a sport? Let's brainstorm and showcase that.

- Do you have a special quilt that you won't mind putting on the ground? Bring that.

- Do you have a favorite board game? Let's incorporate it.

This is a chance for you to be creative! Not into props at all? That works too. Like I said before, I want to capture you! 

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